Technical Arts

Technical arts (tech arts) at West Ridge include the teams that support all aspects of the audio, video, media and theatrical lighting at the church. Our role includes providing sound reinforcement for the pastors and speakers during their messages while also providing a well balanced, but exciting audio experience during worship. The team also records the message from each service and uploads this to the web site.

Another important function of technical arts is to project the words to the songs to video screens at the front of the church. We format and load the words of the songs into the computer and then, during the service, display the proper portion of the song at just the right time.

We'd love to have you join our team!  We'll train you1.  Want to learn more?  Just send an email to mentioning your interest in technical arts. You could also send any specific questions about what we do to the tech team directly (

Ministry Leaders: To insure we get your images, videos, PowerPoint slides, Bible verses, etc. ready for the weekend services, please send to (or if the file is too large to email - send a link to a file sharing site where we can download) as soon as possible.  Many times we've received content as late as Sunday morning that must be reformatted and by then it is too late to get it converted, tested and plugged into the flow.  God is in the miracle business so many times it has still worked, but just so you know it is a challenge and usually a stressful situation!

1 Including joining us in the tech area during a service, hands-on training with the equpment (both outside of and during a service) and you'll have access to the West Ridge Tech Arts tutorial library stored on a non-public area of the web site (examples are shown below).

Slide Timing Tutorial
Saturday, March 15, 2014 
Dave Loucks

How to listen to the band and know what slide to put up next.

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7-2-17 Tech Booth Live
Sunday, July 02, 2017 

A 10-minute example of what goes on in the tech booth during a service.  Examples of audio mixing on Presonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI and displaying lyrics from ProPresenter 6.

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