Kingdom Life & Family life

Let’s work together to help you, your marriage, and your family experience God’s full blessing here on Earth.

Two young women sitting at a circular table in a church lobby discussing Christ and the Holy Spirit

Kingdom Life: The Key to Life

Your relationship with God is the most important friendship in your life. Connecting with Him empowers you every day, in both your big and small moments.

Kingdom Life concepts help you shift your focus toward your true identity and away from problems or habits that hold you back. This shift in focus brings spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical healing.

We’re Here for You

The Kingdom Life team helps you explore God’s power, peace, and freedom. You’ll experience God in practical ways, grow in your friendship with Him, and come to understand the amazing individual He sees when He looks at you.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in participating in Kingdom Life, please visit our spiritual growth page to fill out our interest form. Someone from West Ridge will reach out to you with your next steps.

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Family Life: What It’s All About

Family Life ministry helps you focus on the life-giving presence and power of God as He works in and through your family. We want you to discover your identity as a family, as well as partner with God to achieve His plan for your lives. Through our time together, you’ll come to understand God’s role in healthy marriage and parenting.

A young father waiting with his daughters for service to start in the West Ridge Church lobby

Marriage Prep Classes

Through private teaching sessions, we help young couples cultivate individual lives that honor God, found their relationships on strong Biblical principles, and work to build healthy marriages.

Ministry Sessions

Our family ministry sessions are designed to help families see that unity of purpose can help deepen their relationship with God and one another. Sessions can be in a one-on-one or in a group setting.

Life Group Studies

Life groups provide a place to connect with others, to protect each other, and to grow together. Our groups are as varied as we are and include things like outreach, financial peace, family life, and prayer.

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Events & Seminars

To help strengthen families at West Ridge, we hold special family services and fun nights. We’ve also invested in the XO Marriage Conference and give our congregation the opportunity to attend each year.

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How Can We Help?

Send us a message through our contact page, and be sure to select that it’s for “Family Life ministry” or “Kingdom Life ministry.”