Spiritual Growth

Find your identity in Christ, strengthen your faith, and step into your purpose with in-person and teleconference discipleship (virtual coming soon).

Growth Track

If you’re new to West Ridge or newly saved, Growth Track will help you discover your purpose and live the life of faith that God created for you.

stepONE | Become a Member

You’ll start by exploring the ministry of West Ridge and connect with our church family.

stepTWO | Discover Your Design

Next, you’ll dive into the details of your personality, discover your gifts, and see how your design reveals your God-given purpose.

stepTHREE | Develop Your Leadership

From there you’ll learn how you can strengthen your character and giftings to fulfill your leadership potential, and find out what it means to be a leader at West Ridge.

stepFOUR | Join the Team

Finally, you’ll learn how to connect with and serve others through the many opportunities available at West Ridge.

Equip is designed as a center for learning and formation where we’ll disciple you. No matter the stage of your walk with Christ, the goal of Equip is to help you to excel in your Christian life.

In what ways can you learn to excel as a Christian? You can learn to excel in your faith, in your love, in your serving, in your giving, in your family, and so much more. Through relational teaching, we want to help you do that so that you’ll be empowered to maximize your impact for Christ in your family and in your community.

Kingdom Life

It’s critical that you understand the power of your relationship with God. Here’s why—relationship is the key to understanding who God is and who He created you to be.

Kingdom Life teachings are designed to help you shift your focus away from problems and behaviors that you don’t like and toward who you are in Christ. This shift in focus brings spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical healing.

By the end of your time in Kingdom Life, you will achieve greater understanding, peace, and freedom. Come explore how you can experience God in practical ways. Let go of the struggle so you can start living in victory.

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